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Darts Betting Market (Highest Checkout Matchbet)

There is probably nothing more exciting than watching a player check out with 170. If you have ever been to a darts game, or watched it live on TV, the feeling is usually euphoric. It is especially thrilling if that checkout comes right after a 180 as was the case when Gary Anderson did that in a match against Van Gerwen in the finals in 2013 when he hit a nine card finish of 151,180,170.
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When the player’s score board reading goes below 171 points, it is possible for the player to finish the game with three darts. This is what is called a checkout.

Scores below 146 have at least three outshots. Remember that a player has to hit a double or the bulls eye with the last dart which effectively eliminates the 180 from the equation. The highest check out score is the 170. This aspect of the game of ‘doubling-out’ is an important one because it makes checking out harder for the players and more interesting to watch for the spectators


Winning a game or a match is all about the checkout. Regardless of how well you play in the other rounds, the game is ultimately won on the checkout. This is why most professionals are more concerned with perfecting their checking out skills more than anything else. You will notice that players always look to set up the game in preceding rounds such that it is favourable for a checkout.

The market

There are two markets in the the highest checkout category, one for player and one for total.

Highest checkout, Player

This market is asking you to bet on which player you think will have the highest check out at some point in the match. For instance, there is a match up between Mensur Suljovic and Micheal Smith coming up on the 15th of February 2018. The odds on offer for the player who will make the highest checkout in the match are as follows:
Mensur Suljovic: 1.9
X: 26.0
Micheal Smith: 2.05
It seems the boomaker thinks than the match will be close with either player capable of hiting a high checkout score. As you can see, the odds for the highest checkout score being drawn is priced at 26.0 which tells you that it happens very rarely.

Highest checkout, Total

Here, the bookmaker will set a pre-determined figure based on their own analysis and ask you whether you think the highest checkout in the match will be over that figure or under. In the example I have give above, those odds are as follows:
(120.5)under – 1.9 (120.5)Over – 1.9
The bookmaker here seems to think that the chances of the highest checkout being over or under 120.5 are 50/50.

Betting strategy

This market is an exciting one because unless the match is very much one sided, the odds are close to evens for every event. When deciding to wager on this market,look at the following; player skills and ability, current form and player rivalry.

Player skill and ability is the first and obvious thing to look at. The more skilled players tend to checkout in fewer rounds meaning they check out at higher scores. By looking at the scoreboard you might think that a certain player is behind only to see them a clear a high score and win a leg.

You will therefore need to know which of the two players involved in the match is a checkout master. This is because darts is a strategy game and its important to know what strategy each player uses. Some players look to clear the game in as few shots as possible while others are more concerned with spreading their points evely with easier shots.
Most of the time, a high checkout happens when a player is under pressure. It is therefore better to place your bet on players who have nerves of steel.

Another important factor to consider is the players current form. A good player who is out of form will likely fumble up even good checkout points while an average player in good form will checkout easily from even the highest of scores. Look to back the in form players.

Some match ups tend to bring out a players ‘A’ game. It is therefore good to look at the players head to head to see what history lies beneath the match.

The highest checkout matchbet is increasingly becoming popular due to the near evens odds on offer. This is a good market that you should look at adding to your arsenal.